¨ Life reveals itself through nature more effectivly than through man made Institutions¨ - Tagore

It has been proved that school infrastracture itself cuts all links to the roots of sciene and culture... thus making learning boring. It is in the nature of a child to learn. VIRTUAL SCHOOL™ gives schools the chance of taking the children out into the world without losing the safety and controlled environment of a classroom.

1 VR headset per student

All contents from primary school


Each experience is 40 minutes long

All experiences are narrator-driven


Live like they lived


Depth to the Past

The reconstruction of world memory has never seen such a technology change. Virtual reality allows people to move freely through the past. Stepping into the shoes of those who came before and thus better understanding their place in the world of today

VirtualWorld™ Enhance XR technology allows the time travellers to smell, to touch the world of before.

Photography was considered a tool to inmortalize humans, now they came to live by real-time holography and interact with the living

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