As every year, Argentina Oil&Gas Expo trusted VirtualWorld in providing

virtual reality solutions from 360 videos telling the story, values and plans of

its exhibitors, to full interactive real-time rendered walkthroughs of plants to show attendees the power behind our energy sources.

In 2019, Oil&Gas wanted to go even further by adding interactive walls with our 

interactive projection mapping technology. Vistors were able to press drawing in the walls that served as buttons to activate a show of light depicting the road of the energy 

from the moment of its production to the final usage in house, factories and public



96 days, 20000 visitors, 80 virtual reality headsets, 4 VR cinemas. VirtualWorld was there

to host Björk´s international VR tour. The greatestest an artistis has ever made. 

BJÖRK DIGITAL is  a virtual reality exhibit by  one of Iceland´s greatest  musicians featuring 360-degree VR music videos from her eighth studio album, Vulnicura. The exhibit debuted at Carriageworks in Sydney, Australia as part of the Vivid Sydney festival on 4 June 2016 and has traveled across the globe to Tokyo, London, Mexico City, Los Angeles, and other cities around the globe. 


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